Scientists: Antarctic Ice Loss Tripled Over Past Decade

astonishing           ;驚くべき

pace                       ;ペース

satellite                 ;人工衛星

annually     ;年間、毎年

greenhouse gas ;温室効果ガス

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Scientists: Antarctic Ice Loss Tripled Over Past Decade

Antarctica is melting at an astonishing pace. A team of scientists studying the effects of global warming have found that the speed at which Antarctica is melting has tripled over the past decade.

The scientists tracked Antarctic ice loss by studying two decades of satellite data. They found that between 1992 and 2011, Antarctica lost 76 billion tons of ice annually. They said the melting had increased to 219 billion tons a year as of 2012.

One of the study’s 88 authors, Isabella Velicogna, said, “I think we should be worried.Things are happening. They are happening faster than we expected.”

Lead author Andrew Shepherd said it is possible that Antarctica’s melting could add 16 centimeters to sea level rise across the globe by the end of this century.

According to Shepherd, climate change is increasing water temperatures which speeds up the melting. He said the southern ocean is also affected by changing winds, which are connected to global warming from animal agriculture and the burning of coal, oil and natural gas.

The results show that nations must quickly cut greenhouse gas emissions to slow the effects of climate change. U.S. space agency scientist and co-lead author Eric Rignot said, We view these results as another ringing alarm for action to slow the warming of our planet.”


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88の研究者の一人、Isabella Velicogna,は”憂慮すべき事態だ。ことは起こっている。私たちの想定よりも早く”と言及している