〜Asia-Pacific Leads World in Embracing New Technology〜

・ahead of the curve × ;時代を先取りして
・embrace ;取り入れる、活用する、受け容れる
・efficiency △;効率
・willing ×;乗り気な、~する意思がある
・social robot ○;ソーシャルロボット

・companionship ×;交際、交友


Asia-Pacific Leads World in Embracing New Technology

She may not be the friendliest waitress, but she serves a nice, hot cup of coffee in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Though this coffee-making robot is still getting help from a human barista, she is a sign that Asia is ahead of the curve in embracing new technologies.

A recent report from PwC Global studied how much 1,155 manufacturing businesses were embracing new technologies, from drones to 3-D printing.

It found that companies in the Asia-Pacific region scored higher than those elsewhere in the world. This might be because South East Asia has a young population that is interested in and ready to embrace new technologies.

The report rated companies based on questions about the kinds of tools they were introducing into their workplaces. For example, manufacturers were asked if they made use of virtual reality; 44 percent in the Asia Pacific said they did, compared with 34 percent in the United States and 19 percent in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

In Thailand, for example, many companies are now relying on robots instead of human labor in their factories. This reduces costs and improves overall efficiency.

China is among the countries willing to embrace new technologies.

For example, at a kindergarten in Suzhou, China, a pair of social robots help teach children. Designed to offer education, care and companionship to children and the elderly, the 3.5-foot tall robots come in two genders and can tell stories as well as take photos among other things.





【the first challenge】




PwC Globalの最近のレポートによるとドローンから3Dプリンティングまで新技術を取り入れた新しいビジネス形態は1155個にも及んでいる。