〜Singapore Airlines Launches World’s Longest Flight〜

・commercial × ;商業の
・range △;航続距離
・refresh ;リフレッシュ
・adjust ×;順応する、適応する
・nap ×;昼寝、うたた寝

・cargo ×;積み荷



Singapore Airlines Launches World’s Longest Flight

Singapore Airlines is offering a new flight from Singapore to New York City. The trip will take nearly 20 hours, a new record for the world’s longest commercial flight. The previous record-holder was a Qatar Airways flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Doha, Qatar which takes between 17 hours 40 minutes and 18 hours 20 minutes.

The flight is made possible by a new plane: the Airbus A350-900ULR. The ‘ULR’ stands for “Ultra Long Range.” It seats 161 passengers, with 67 Business Class and 94 Economy Plus seats, but has no Economy seating.

According to Airbus, the ULR is a lot quieter than other planes and features new LED lighting technology.

This lighting helps to fight one of the worst things about air travel – jet lag. By copying the daylight at the plane’s destination, passengers are more likely to arrive feeling refreshed and will find it easier to adjust to the new time zone.

If you fly a lot, you’ve probably been woken up mid-nap by a flight attendant serving food. To avoid this issue, passengers flying business class will be able to have their meals anytime they want.

Airplane design companies also have recently suggested turning some of the plane’s cargo area into a place where passengers can sleep. These areas would have beds that could be added or removed from planes as needed.

If you live in Singapore or New York, tickets are now on sale for about $2,200, and the first flight takes off on October 11.





【the first challenge】





これまでの記録保持者はニュージーランドのオークランドからドーハまでのQatar Airways flightであり、Qatarは17時間40分から18時間20分の間であった。


そのフライトは新しい飛行機であるthe Airbus A350-900ULRによって可能となった。

ULRは“Ultra Long Range.”のことである。